In Memory of Bubba | 25th February 2008 – 23rd December 2020

Every dog deserves the chance to run free

Our wonderful dog Bubba was the inspiration behind BLACKDOG Freedom Adventures.  A rescue dog, who spent the first two years of his life in a 2nd floor flat.  Bubbs, had never been outside, seen the sky, sunshine, grass and trees or been able to run, sniff or play.  His behaviour was extreme, he destroyed the house, frequently became anxious and was also diagnosed with seizures.  He could not tolerate doors or blinds being closed and attempted to scale a 6ft wall in the vets to escape out of a window.

Despite his stocky rottweiler/labrador build, once free, he ran like the wind.  In a secure area we were able to teach him to focus his mind with scenting, building confidence making him a much calmer dog.  This freedom changed his entire World and made his life worth living again.

Sadly we lost Bubba age 12 ½ , He was a one in a million dog, often challenging, but the most loveable, fun dog and a great teacher.

My name is Fi, and with my son, Barney, inspiration from Bubba, and help from our other three rescue dogs, Baz, a very large and completely deaf St Bernard X, and our two chocolate Labradors, Cocoa and Bella, we have created a safe and secure place where dogs are able to run free, sniff and play.

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