BLACKDOG Freedom Adventures are stockists of Ooddles Kitchen.
Dog food made with love.

Convenient & competitively priced.

Fresh & Natural Is Best… is that simple.

We have made it affordable to feed natural quality dog food, every day for your much-loved dog.

We make excellent natural affordable dog food as well as a large range of treats & chews. Ooddles foods are made using the finest FRESH meats, combined with our unique lower temperature steam cooking system, giving your dog a quality nutritional diet across all life stages from puppy to adult. Ooddles dry food comes in 5kg bags, with a fresh seal close to ensure your food stays fresh.

When you feed this quality of food, made using fresh meat, you do not need to go on the hunt for recipes for allergies, joints, or common skin problems. All you need is fresh and natural.

As well as dry food, we also have a range of wet food and raw food.

Everything we do at Ooddles is all about providing the highest quality ingredients, using fresh meats, packed full of veggies, superfoods and botanicals to give your dog the very best daily nutrition, and importantly at affordable prices.

Our dry foods consist of 80/20 formulas, which means 80% finest meats and 20% veggies, a Superfood range and other formulas consisting of 50/50 for those who need a slightly lower protein. All different flavours, mixed protein sources, and we have a semi-moist in our dry food as well for fussy eaters.

No matter which formula works for your dog, our foods are always:-

  • No added preservatives
  • No artificial colourants
  • No cheap fillers or meat meal
  • We use the finest fresh meats
  • Grain-Free & Hypoallergenic
  • Puppy, adult, seniors and lower calories are all available, for all breeds, all sizes.

It’s time to get serious about your dog’s health.

Your dog has to rely on you, their owners to ensure they are eating quality daily food, packed full of nutrition, if you feed a low-grade food, commonly full of cheap fillers and meat meal, it is like us humans having fast food every single day.

We have made it more affordable for you to feed your dog a quality nutritious diet, feeding a natural and quality daily diet means:-

  • Fewer vet visit,
  • Fewer/ rid allergies,
  • Fewer health issues.
  • Poor diets are linked to so many serious health problems, such as cancers, diabetes and many more.
  • Obesity issues.
  • Above all, that you care what your dog eats, it really does matter, and only you can decide.

Dry, Wet or Raw – You Decide.

We have you covered no matter how you prefer to feed your dog, dry food, raw food or wet food, or dry and wet mixed, everything is natural and free of cheap fillers and preservatives, and always grain-free & hypoallergenic.

Raw food Bare Ooddles

A complete natural meal 90% meat & bone, 10% veggies and added superfoods.

Oodles Wet Food

Oodles has a tasty range of wet dog food, made with all natural ingredients, available in 5 different flavours, giving your dog a complete balanced diet.

Treats & Chews

A super range of natural treats, chews, training treats and toppers

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