Our Story

I had a wonderful childhood growing up with lots of dogs around me and missed them dreadfully when I moved away.

Fortunately, later in life, and working from home, I was in a position where I had more time to dedicate to rescue dogs (adopting and fostering). Each dog had its own individual character, behaviour and triggers and it has been an incredible learning curve over the years.

Living with two dogs was easy, however, having fostered two brown Labradors, Bella and Cocoa (brother and sister) from our local dog rescue K9 Focus, the entire pack dynamics changed.

Shortly after I fostered Bella, she needed a blood transfusion after a spaying operation. It was Bubba, our rottweiler x who saved her life and soon after I joined the “failed fosterers club” with Bella and Cocoa joining our family permanently.

Watching the dogs, I noticed each one of them had a very specific position within the pack, and this encouraged me to study a number of courses with Shaun Ellis “The Wolf Man”.

I hold a Level 2 VTQ in Canine First Aid and I am currently studying a Diploma course on Canine Behaviour and Psychology.

For our local dog rescue K9 Focus – www.k9focus.co.uk

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North Cockerham, Hacche Lane, South Molton, EX36 3EH