Terms and Conditions

By booking BLACKDOG Freedom Adventures you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined.

You must download, print, sign and return a copy of these Terms & Conditions before you use the field – You can find the Terms & Conditions and the Registration form on the Booking Page.

Use of the field is subject to your agreement that you accept these conditions of use.  Any violation of these conditions will lead to the removal of the field as a facility for your use.


  • No responsibility will be taken by the landowner for damage or injury sustained to property, individuals or animals whilst using the field or on the property.
  • All vehicles parked on the property are left entirely at their Owners risk. No responsibility for damage or accidents can be taken by BLACKDOG Freedom Adventures.
  • Any breakages or damage to the fencing, shelter, obstacles, or parking area will be paid for by the dog owners.
  • Use of the field is entirely at your own risk.  We accept no liability for the death or injury to any person or dog.
  • All dogs must be covered under their own third-party insurance (public liability insurance) This is usually included in your pet insurance or can be obtained from providers such as Dogs Trust.


  • We are located close to working farmland in a rural setting and we may not be suitable for all dogs.  We have horses and sheep in adjacent fields. Should you have a dog that is stressed by their presence or continually attempts to enter their field by digging or jumping, you will be politely asked not to book with us again.  Their safety and your dog’s safety is of paramount importance.  We have 6ft secure fencing but if your dog can jump higher than 6ft we cannot be held responsible for its safety. Please contact us for more information in order for you to assess the suitability for your own dog.


  • If your dog has been unwell in the last 48 hours please do not bring your dog into the field.

Daylight hours

  • If you have booked an evening session, please check daylight hours and bring a torch if necessary as there is no lighting in the field or parking area.  Fading light will not be a reasonable excuse to not pick up after your dog.


  • The standard booking fee is £8 for 1-3 dogs with additional dogs being charged at £2 per dog upto a maximum of 8 at any one time.
  • Prices are subject to annual price increase and we reserve the right to alter the pricing structure for use of the field without notice.


  • Payment is via the online booking system – here.  Cash will only be used when you bring more dogs than specified in your booking or by previous agreement.

Booking Arrangements

  • All bookings must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable or transferable to another client without approval.
  • The person making the booking must be present, have had an introductory meeting and have completed the Registration Form with their details and details of their dog(s).  They must also ensure that anyone else attending is made aware of and adheres to the Terms and Conditions and completes a Registration Form.
  • If you are interested in renting BLACKDOG Freedom Adventures for a longer period or would like to take more dogs/human friends, please drop me an email.  You will be asked when booking, how many dogs/people you wish to bring.
  • When making a booking you must give honest and accurate details of the numbers of dog(s) to be used in the booking. Any changes before the booking takes place must be notified in advance. Your booking time includes the time required for you to secure your dog(s) and return them to your vehicle.
  • Booking can be made online through our booking portal – blackdogfreedomadventures.co.uk/book-now/
  • If you have any problems please email us on info@blackdogfreedomadventures.co.uk or telephone: 07733 414179.


  • Use of the field is by appointment only
  • Open Monday to Sunday & Bank Holidays
  • Summer Hours 7am to 9pm / Winter Hours 8am to 5pm
  • Bookings start on the hour and last 50 minutes (10 minute changeover)
  • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early to your appointment and you and your dogs must remain in vehicles until you have access to the parking
  • A maximum of 4 vehicles at any one time
  • A maximum of 8 dogs allowed at any one time.
  • No more than 3 dogs per adult (aged 18+)
  • No unaccompanied dogs should be left in the field or any vehicle
  • It is a STRICT no poo zone! If you don’t have a poo bag, please feel free to help yourself from the dispenser at the entrance to the field and make a donation to K9 Focus, our local North Devon dog rescue.
  • No treats, food, balls or toys to be left in the field
  • No BBQ’s
  • There are no rubbish bins provided so please take any litter home with you
  • No smoking
  • No grooming
  • You will need to bring your own water and dog bowls.

Cancellation Policy

  • If the user arrives late, the booking time cannot be extended.
  • All booked sessions are non refundable
  • Bookings are non-transferable to other people.
  • Provided you give a minimum of 48 hours notice by email to info@blackdogfreedomadventures.co.uk we can postpone or move your session and this must be used within 6 months.
  • BLACKDOG Freedom Adventures has the right to cancel any booking affected by an emergency/Act of God at any time and will refund any fees paid in these circumstances.

Withdrawal of Facility

  • We reserve the right to withdraw permission to use the facility at our discretion, for example based on weather conditions, or where individuals have not complied with the rules or conditions of use.
  • Subject to the reason for the withdrawal, any advanced payment may be refunded.  We shall be under no liability for any other expenses incurred or loss sustained by the client as a result of the use of the facility being withdrawn at our sole discretion.

Excessive/Persistent Barking

  • It is a condition of planning and Environment Health that dogs who exhibit excessive, persistent barking will be restricted from using the field.


  • Please do not allow your dogs to dig in the field.  Any holes dug must be refilled and reported for safety and security reasons.


  • Parking is allowed only in the parking area. A maximum of 4 vehicles at any one time. Vehicles are left entirely at your own risk, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred, accident or otherwise, whilst they are on the premises.


  • Children are very welcome on the field but must always be supervised by an adult.

Entering/Leaving the Field

  • Users should ensure that it is suitable for use by their dog(s), fence height, proximity to farm animals etc.
  • Please leave the field at the end of your time slot even if you arrived late
  • Leave 5 minutes at the end of your session to check the field is clear of any dog waste, rubbish or toys. If you find anything left by a previous user, please pick it up and let us know.  Failure to pick up dog waste, rubbish or toys will leave to the refusal of future use.
  • If the previous Owner stays past your start time and does not appear to be leaving, please contact me on 07733 414179.
  • Please leave the gate open when you leave the field and be mindful of other vehicles arriving and leaving.

Code of Ethics

  • Prong collars and electronic devices are not allowed.
  • Harsh handling of dogs, either verbal or physical is not allowed.


  • To maintain the professional integrity of BLACKDOG Freedom Adventures, dog trainers working with their clients and dog walkers will only be allowed by prior arrangement and must submit a copy of their Professional Indemnity (Trainers) and Public Liability Insurance (Trainers/Dog Walkers) .
  • No sub-letting of the field is allowed. Anyone hiring it on a professional basis can do so with the management’s permission


  • We inspect the field regularly and fencing daily to maintain security but please notify us if you have any concerns.

Health & Safety

  • The field may get wet and muddy from time to time so clients must ensure adequate and suitable footwear is worn at all times.
  • You must remove all your personal dog toys and training aids on leaving the field, being particularly vigilant to remove any broken toys or balls. Tennis balls in particular pose a serious choking risk to any dog.
  • Any children must be supervised at all times by an adult
  • At no time should a dog(s) be tied to a structure ie. fencing, posts, gates.
  • You must not climb on gates fencing or posts.
  • Dogs should not be left unattended in the field or any vehicle at any time.
  • You should accompany your dog(s) at all times so that you are aware of what they are doing and can ensure they are safe and are complying with these Terms & Conditions.
  • The field is a countryside/farm based facility and as such although maintained there may be branches, stones, mole hills and holes in the field.  The field and fencing will be inspected daily to ensure it is secure but please notify us if you have any concerns.


  • The farm has cctv cameras in constant operation.  We will never share images without prior, express permission unless the local authority require it.  The cameras are there for security and everyone’s protection.  By booking your appointment, you agree to be recorded on our CCTV system.

Marketing & Publications

  • We reserve the right to use any material including texts and images provided by you to us (in any format) or via our Facebook/Instagram and webpage for the purposes of marketing and promotion.

Data & Privacy

  • We are committed to ensuring your privacy is protected.
  • We only retain your contact details in the event of having to contact you regarding your booking.
  • Your name is needed to track payments
  • By processing your booking you consent to us using your personal information in the above ways.
  • The information is not used for any other purpose or shared to any other parties.
  • I agree to the Terms of use and will regularly check for updates at https://blackdogfreedomadventures.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/

COVID-19 Update

Follow current government guidelines regarding who you are allowed to visit with.

If you have any symptoms or suspect you have been exposed to COVID-19 please reschedule your session.

Follow strict hygiene guidelines. Padlocks &  gate catches are deep cleaned every morning. Bring own hand sanitiser/wipes/gloves to use before and after touching these surfaces. If you don’t have gloves, use a poo bag! As with anywhere, don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth.

  • IF YOU NEED TO REPORT ANY EMERGENCIES PLEASE CONTACT US ON  07733 414179 or Email: info@blackdogfreedomadventures.co.uk

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